*Vanna Ashthorn Ablaze?? wow*

*GOOD GOD THIS IS HARD. ignore how messy this is ive completely given up on adding music. Just pretend the sailor moon ost is playing* (around 50 hours have been wasted on this website, i have not even gotten basics down yet.)

Vanna Ablaze is basically just a funny little story about my OCS, Mars, Oli, Achylls, and Jinx + more people ! (please do keep in mind that this may look a little weird and be a little long until i can fully get used to using this site. its my first time ever doing this :) tee hee)

About the artist!

  • what is milo working on now... Currently working on character art and profiles, and mapping out more story.
  • OMG!!! OUR CHARACTERS \(^^)/

    current character memes that only me nd my friends understand, basically just stuff that reflects personalities